Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes (Subtitles)


These subtitles will only synchronize with the episodes from iTunes, which you can purchase in the iTunes store to support Hasbro directly, or you can download them for free from
For an optimal viewing experience, I would like to recommend VLC Player. If you don't have this already, check it out! The program's for free!
The last thing you should know is that the video file and subtitle track should be in the same folder and should have the same name in order to be automatically visible to the video player. Of course you can also add the subtitle file manually by first opening the video file, then then selecting Subtitle and Add Subtitle File.
Have fun!

Several people have worked on these subtitles and therefore deserve some credit.
If you've worked on any subtitles provided here and I forgot to mention you, please notify me!

EN subs - Nathan2000, GrayJeager, YayPonies
NL subs - Marcoooootje1, Beatrixie

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