Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes (Updates)


2019-11-10 Added S9 E22-E26 [1080p] and MLP:The Movie [1080p] (reupload)
2019-09-25 Added S9 E21 [1080p]
2019-09-21 Added S9 E20 [1080p]
2019-09-11 Added S9 E18 and E19 [1080]
2019-08-27 Added S9 E17 [1080p]
2019-08-22 Added S9 E16 [1080p]
2019-08-05 Added S9 E1-E15,a TV rip of S9 special Rainbow Road Trip, and a link to Equestria Girls: Specials & Summertime Shorts
2018-12-30 Fixed wrong links and added the rest of S8 + Christmas specials
2018-05-16 Added S8 E8 and E9 [1080p]
2018-05-02 Added S8 E7 [1080p]
2018-04-29 Added S8 E7 [Temporary TV rip]
2018-04-29 Reorganized all the subtitles
2018-04-26 Reuploaded all the episodes to Dropbox
2017-05-03 Busy reviving the blog, uploading missing episodes, splitting up the Subtitles and Updates sections due to removal of Blogger's Spoiler tags
2015-07-15 Added S5 E13 [1080p]
2015-07-13 Added S5 E12 [1080p]
2015-06-29 Added S5 E10&11 [1080p/English Subtitles], also returned the subtitles
2015-06-15 Added S5 E9 [720p/Placeholder/Watermarked/No subtitles]
2015-05-31 Fixed S2 E15 (the episode was apparently incomplete)
2015-05-31 Added S5 E8 [1080p/English Subtitles]
2015-05-24 Added S5 E8 [720p/Placeholder/Watermarked/No subtitles]
2015-05-20 Added S5 E7 [1080p/English Subtitles]
2015-05-06 Added S5 E6 [1080p/English Subtitles]
2015-05-02 Added S5 E6 [720p/Placeholder/Watermarked/No subtitles]
2015-04-29 Added S5 E5 [1080p]
2015-04-29 Added subtitles S5 E4 & E5 [EN]
2015-04-25 Added S5 E5 [720/placeholder]
2015-04-25 Added S5 E4 [1080p]
2015-04-19 Revamped/updated the Subtitles section and blog layout
2015-04-19 Reached 20000 pageviews!
2015-04-19 Added S5 E4 [720p/placeholder]
2015-04-19 Added S5 E1,2,3 EN/NL subs
2015-04-13 Added S5 E3 [1080p]
2015-04-10 Added S5 E1 & E2 [1080p]
2015-04-10 Added Equestria Girls Shorts
2014-10-19 Added Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks HD
2014-09-29 Added Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks [CAM]
2014-09-22 Added all S4 streams & Equestria Girls
2013-11-03 Added some more S4 content
2013-06-29 Added Equestria Girls [Cam] [1080p]
2013-06-18 Replaced Youtube streams with Dailymotion links, replaced a lot of 720p episode with 1080p
2013-04-29 Added [SUB] NL S3 E3, S3 E10
2013-04-05 Added [SUB] EN S3 E9,E10,E11,E12,E13 | FR S1 E15,E16,E17,E19,E20,E24. S3 E9,E10,E11,E12,E13 | NL S3 E4,E5,E6,E7,E13
2013-02-19 Added S3 E13 [1080p]
2013-02-12 Added S3 E12 [1080p]
2013-01-29 Added S3 E10 & E11 [1080p]
2012-12-30 Added S3 E9 [1080p]
2012-12-26 Added [SUB] EN & FR S3 E8, fixed NL S1 & S2 urls
2012-12-24 Added S3 E8 [1080p]
2012-12-17 Added S3 E7 [1080p]
2012-12-12 Fixed S3 E5 & E6 | added [SUB] EN S3 E5 & E6, FR S3 E1 - E6
2012-12-11 Added S3 E6 [1080p]
2012-12-07 Added S3 E5 [1080p]
2012-12-06 Added [SUB] NL S2E4 & S2E5 (by Beatrixie)
2012-12-01 Added S3 E5 [480p] (temporary)
2012-11-28 Added S3 E4 [1080]
2012-11-24 Added S3 E4 [480p] (temporary)
2012-11-22 Added Subtitles section and S3 E3 [1080]
2012-11-17 Added S3 E3 [480] (temporary)
2012-11-13 Added S3 E1 and E2 [1080p]
2012-09-26 Added S3 Section
2012-09-02 Added Download links!
2012-04-24 Added S2 E25 and E26 [720p] to Streams
2012-04-21 Added S2 E24 [720p] to Streams (got delayed due to holiday break)
2012-04-3 Added S2 E23 [720p] to Streams
2012-03-28 Added S2 E22 [720p] to Streams
2012-03-24 Made a better overview of upcoming episodes and their synopses, plus possible previews
2012-03-20 Added S2 E21 [720p] to Streams
2012-03-12 Added S2 E20 [720p] to Streams
2012-03-11 Added S2 E19 [720p] to Streams
2012-02-21 Added S2 E18 [720p] to Streams
2012-02-21 Updated S2 E1-17 [720p] descriptions and subtitles
2012-17-02 Updated S1 E13-26 [720p] descriptions and subtitles
2012-02-14 Updated S1 E1-12 [720p] descriptions and subtitles
2012-02-12 Created the Episode Streams list

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